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Nano Dimension

Nano Dimension’s DragonFly Pro is transforming additive manufacturing for electronics development. We empower companies to take control of their entire development cycle by 3D printing their own professional circuit boards. 

From proofs of concept and design validation to test fixtures and functional circuits, the DragonFly Pro enables precision, in-house 3D printing of multilayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototypes, sensors, antennas, experimental electronic circuits and more. Printing in-house shortens design and test cycles from months or weeks to just days or hours. 

How it works

  • 1. Two printheads jet both conductive and dielectric materials simultaneously
  • 2. Both conductor and substrate are printed in a fully additive process
  • 3. The object is built up, layer by layer
    - Conductive layers
    - Dielectric layers
    - Drill and filled vias, no electroplating
    - Solder mask
    - Annotation
  • 4. The full range of PCB features can be 100% 3D printed including interconnections such as vias, through-holes (blind, buried) and complex geometries


The DragonFly Pro precision system overcomes many of the complexities and bottlenecks inherent in outsourced traditional prototyping and custom manufacturing, enabling in-house agile, time and cost-effective processes providing many benefits: 

  • Time savings - Forget lengthy design cycles; print on-site in days, even for the most complex designs 
  • Cost savings - No more large order minimums and costly mistakes: discover design errors earlier in the design cycle 
  • New complex geometries - Push design boundaries and innovate freely to try new concepts 
  • Redesign for mechatronics - Bring better electronics to the market in terms of size, weight and environmental impact
  • Confidentiality - Keep sensitive and valuable IP in-house during development 
  • Streamlined processes - Added agility means designing, testing and iterating on the fly, on-site